carpet showroomAmazing Selection…

Carpet comes in many variations. Our staff is prepared to assist you in finding the right carpet for any room in your home. As a Mohawk Color Center, AAA Flooring Source is able to draw on the 125 year history of Mohawk Industries. As you will learn, Mohawk has been synonymous with high quality, skilled craftsman, and cutting edge features for many years.  Beyond Mohawk carpeting, we also offer products from Camelot Carpet Mills, Couristan, CustomWeave, Daltonian, Dalyn Rug Company, Dixie Home, JH Freed & Sons, Glen Eden, Grass Tex, Kane Carpet, Leggett & Platt, Royal Dutch, Royalty, Shaw and Stanton. AAA Flooring Source in Camarillo, CA guarantees you will find a carpet that both you and your home will fall in love with!

in stock carpet rollsTips for Choosing Your Perfect Carpet:

  1. What room will the carpet be going into. Will it be a Bedroom, Family Room, Children’s room, or basement?
  2. Do you have children or pets? If yes, what type of pets and how large are they?
  3. What is your style preference? Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional, Victorian?

After you answer the first few questions, you can begin looking at the styles of carpet that interest you. There are six types to choose from, within each type, there are many colors and patterns that are available. From sophisticated patterned carpet, to luxurious plush twists, AAA Flooring Source has something for you.

Come visit our huge Camarillo warehouse that is conveniently located to serve: Ventura, Simi Valley, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks and the surrounding areas!!

    AAA Flooring Source now stocks SmartStrand Carpet. Mohawk leads innovation in sustainable flooring with SmartStrand carpet made using DuPont Sorona renewably sourced polymer.

    fieldDuPont exclusively provides Mohawk with fiber made from Bio-PDO, the key ingredient that makes Sorona. Because Sorona is made from corn sugar, 37 percent of the carpeting fiber is a renewable resource, replacing ingredients normally derived from petroleum.

    Additionally, the production of the Sorona polymer requires 30 percent less energy and emits 63 percent less Greenhouse gas than creating an equal amount of nylon.

    Plus, every seven yards of SmartStrand saves one gallon of gasoline.

    Mohawk SmartStrand carpet made with DuPont Sorona renewably source polymer is environmentally smart.

    Beautiful colors, soft… Smart

    SmartStrand carpeting is design-smart, too, available in a rainbow of fantastic colors and softness you have to touch to believe.

    carpet-stackMohawk’s always been known for beautiful carpets in a wide variety of colors, styles, textures and construction. SmartStrand is no different. Visit AAA Flooring Source to see all the amazing carpets made using SmartStrand fiber using DuPont Sorona renewably sources polymer.

    While its beauty will catch your eye, the softness will seal the deal. Compared to other fibers, SmartStrand is just a little softer to the touch. If you add a Premier or Elite Mohawk cushion underneath, not only do you add years to your warranty, but you enhance the plushness and comfort of your carpeting.

    The colors and softness help make SmartStrand carpet even smarter.

    Durable, resists stains… Smart

    SmartStrand carpet from Mohawk includes superior stain resistance engineered into the fiber. That stain resistance will never wear off or wash off. SmartStrand never needs to be retreated with stain protectors, even after a steam cleaning.

    spillMost stains — even red wine — cleans up with a little warm water. Even the most stubborn stains require just a mild detergent or Mohawk FloorCare Essentials.

    You can’t believe just how easy Mohawk SmartStrand carpet is to clean.

    So its lifetime stain resistance makes SmartStrand wtth DuPont Sorona renewably sourced polymer the smartest choice in carpeting available today!

    Carpet Brands

    AAA Flooring Source is proud to carry the following carpeting brands and lines:

    • Beaulieu
    • Camelot
    • Couristan
    • Dixie Home
    • Milliken
    • Kane Carpet
    • Mohawk: SmartStrand, EverStrand, Wear Dated, Stainmaster, Dupont Sorona, UltraStrand, PermaStrand
    • Royalty
    • Shaw

    Ask one of sales associates to help you find just what you are looking for!

    Common Types of Carpeting

    Understanding a few simple basics about carpet construction will help you make the right choice for your lifestyle and budget.

    texturenTextured Plush

    •  Most decoratively versatile cut-pile carpet
    • Textured surface helps hide footprints and vacuum marks
    • Adds casual beauty to any room
    • Looks great between vacuuming
    • Preferred style for busy households
    • A great “whole-house” carpet


    • Refined cut-pile surface
    • Luxuriously smooth, soft finish
    • Beautiful with traditional interiors
    • Adds distinctive elegance to any room
    • Ideal for living and dining rooms
    • Shows subtle highlights and accents

    berberloop-pilenBerber Loop-Pile

    • A wool-like look and rugged loop surface
    • Natural, hand-crafted appearance creates a warm, personal atmosphere
    • Tight loop texture helps hide footprints and vacuum marks
    • Subtle patterns fit a variety of room styles
    • Ideal choice for contemporary to country to cottage furnishings

    berbercut-pilenBerber Cut-Pile

    • A new berber look with all the wonderful color and interest of traditional loop berbers
    • The great plush “feel” of thick, cut pile carpet
    • Beautifully crafted and colored yarns add personality to any room
    • Very versatile decoratively, ideal for casual rooms, kids’ rooms, etc.
    • Subtle color flecks help hide soil that might appear between cleanings


    • Carved definition with cut-and-loop pile
    • Accent colors spice up floor surfaces
    • Multicolor effects hide soil and stains
    • Looks great between vacuuming
    • Choose from soft tonals to bolder color combinations

    commloop-pilen Commercial

    • Versatile styles blend comfortably with any decor
    • Durable long-wearing surface pile engineered for high traffic areas
    • Intriguing color choices suitable for professional and practical installations
    • Textured surfaces provide subtle highlights

    Common Carpeting Fibers


    Nylon is the most common of all carpet fibers, and its high durability makes it a popular choice for areas of the home that receive high foot traffic. Resistant to most dirt, mildew and moisture, this fiber is also known for its ease of maintenance and non-allergenic properties.

    fiber-pet-40PET Polyester

    This is an excellent fiber choice for the budget conscious. Polyester shares many of nylon’s non allergenic  moisture and wear resistant properties but lacks the same degree of durability.

    fiber-ptt-40Triexta PTT

    Fibers are extruded from a new generation of polymer giving it exceptional durability along with built-in stain resistance, color clarity, colorfastness, luxurious softness, and ease of maintenance.

    fiber-olefin-40Olefin or Polypropylene

    This fiber was first used in carpeting designed for use outdoors and in spaces with high levels of moisture and humidity. Color-fastness, resilience, and resistance to water damage, mildew and piling are important benefits of this fiber. Polypropylene fiber is also recognized for a luxurious appearance and outstanding softness.

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    Carpeting Cushion

    When you purchase carpet from AAA Flooring Source, you’re not just choosing beauty and style. You’re also choosing superior value and excellent quality. And since you’re getting all of that, why not go for the whole package?

    AAA Flooring Source cushion is specifically designed to maximize and extend your carpet’s plush feel and high performance. We’ve studied all types of flooring for decades and we know that our customers get the best value and greatest satisfaction when they use a AAA Flooring Source cushion with their new carpet.

    We offer a wide selection of cushions in various thicknesses and densities to accommodate every client, every lifestyle and every budget. AAA Flooring Source carpet cushion helps your carpet feel richer and more luxurious; it also improves your carpet’s acoustical and insulating properties making the room quieter and warmer. AAA Flooring Source carpeting cushion is an environmentally friendly product. The Easy Choice selection system makes the decision making pain free.