About Installation

At AAA Flooring Source, we do not have installers on staff.  And, this is to your benefit!  

Here’s why.

AAA Flooring Source offers additional savings by referring several qualified installers to our customers, bypassing the retail markup most companies charge for labor.

For example, carpet installation through one of our referred Installers is $0.40 to $0.50 per square foot for most residential carpets while most retailers charge about $0.80 per square foot, wood  and tile installation are about $2.50 with one of our installers compared to $4.00, laminate installation is $1.80 compared to $2.30 at most Big Box and retail locations.

AAA Flooring Source Inc. has no responsibility or liability for labor preformed by the aforementioned Installers and their companies.

Installing the TileSo, how do you get your flooring installed?

We have arranged contacts with several, highly qualified and licensed installation contractors that specialize in certain flooring types. We refer you to the appropriate contractor for your needs.  Each contractor has been pre-screened, and is license and insured.  Because we send them a steady stream of business, and they work direct with us, they offer you a negotiated lower installation price.

This wholesale direct business structure saves you money on the materials you purchase from us and then save again on the labor for installing your flooring.